“You Never Understood Me” (the 2006-05-05 Friday Fetch-it)

In much of the Northern Hemisphere, and certainly here in York, it's now summer. And summer requires pop songs!

“But isn't pop just pap with one less line?!”

Not necessarily. The problem is that lots of pop songs descend into chorus repeat two-thirds of the way through. This chorus repeat's many functions include showcasing the soon-tiring vocal talents of the popstar in question; padding the song out to the usual 3:30, and getting all the pop-hungry kids singing along. All of which is predictably cynical.

Oh, and they're generally quite crap as well – that doesn't help.

The Big Sky comprises 15 seconds of verse followed by a good four minutes of chorus repeat; and it's great. Unlike all those pop songs, The Big Sky actually develops during the chorus repeat (henceforth referred to as “the song”).

Instruments are added, vocal bits inserted and drums drummed more heartily. It's not marvellous in any profound, significant or even subtle way. But, it's a catchy, æsthetic, upbeat pop song.

And there's not a single key-change in sight. If you download one track this week, make it The Big Sky.