Welcome to Moo­quack­woof­tweet­meow version 3.1

Welcome to Mooquackwooftweetmeow version 3.1 “for Workgroups”.

Version 3.0's Weblog was set up so I could easily and quickly add new content to Mooquackwooftweetmeow - it was simply too much effort to manually create a new page for every entry.

The trouble was that I couldn't really make substantial entries in the weblog as it was sort of tucked away - anything “big” should, I felt, have its own page, and be a proper article.

So I ended up not writing about things I wanted to because I wanted to do it “properly”… which isn't good.

The idea behind version 3.1 was to merge the articles and the weblog so that significant entries would have their own page and short ones would only be part of an archive list. I've managed to do it. Version 3.1 is a complete overhaul of version 3.0. Some of the content remains, however, hence the “.1” version number.

Mooquackwooftweetmeow, like The Twaddle, is now driven by an XML+XSL-based offline page generation system… sounds complicated - and it is.

The most notable improvement this has allowed, in my opinion anyway, is the Recent Entries list to the left, which appears on every page. I'll write up a more detailed description of the Mooquackwhatnotbot some time soon.

The site's new design is entitled Arcturus; the old design, Shades of Grey has simply disappeared. Arcturus is designed to be a significant evolution - I certainly haven't tried to imitate the old style - but which still maintains much of the character of Shades of Grey.

Unlike version 3.0, there's no print stylesheet and no ever-so-slightly styled version - yet. Again, I'll write more details of the CSS in a separate entry in the near future.

There's also no RSS feed. RSS 2.0 uses a ridiculous date format (i.e. not numbers) so it'd take a bit of extra work to generate such a feed. It's probably possible though. RSS/RDF 1.0 is equally manky with its modules and whatnot.

Anyway, we've got a perfectly good syndication format in Atom; the Atom feed lives at http://gkn.me.uk/atom. If your RSS reader doesn't also support Atom, it's probably crap. Or you could use 2RSS to convert the Atom feed to RSS - subscribe hither.