Moo­quack­woof­tweet­meow's Going Nowhere

I now have my own PURL top-level domain. “What in the heck is a PURL top-level domain?” PURL stands for Persistant Uniform Resource Locator - an URL is just a normal web address. A PURL is simply a redirect, designed so that it persists indefinitely; I can change what points to, but the PURL itself never changes. This means that if I ever move to another webhost (which I don't expect to happen very soon), I can point there instead. This weblog can be found at, but unfortunately KlipFolio doesn't understand HTTP redirects. Bugger.

Nonetheless, if and when - :) - you link to Mooquackwooftweetmeow, use for the main site, and for this weblog (note the distribution of slashes). Now that I've got my own PURL, I've changed the Atom feed so that the items are IDed using PURLs; items' IDs are never suppose to change, so PURLs are perfect for that. This means you may get duplicate items in this feed now (and only the once), but you never will later.

Update: Yeah, well - I can't always be right. The appropriate URL to link to this weblog is now for the web page, and for the Atom feed.