Yesterday I changed the site's design. I decided a while back that I didn't want multiple styles any more.

The main idea behind Sirius, an alternate style that never got off the ground, was to add a bit of colour to the site. Of course, being me, I couldn't decide on which colour to use so I decided to have them rotate per page. I picked some colours and applied them as background colours in Sirius; here I've used them mainly as text colours but also as the colour of the background image. And the background colours. I'll let you figure out the criterion for each page's colour yourself.

The overall design of Sirius was mainly inspired by Stopdesign v3, but my GIMP mojo is far too limited to match that sort of detailed quality. So I've decided to stick with the more minimalistic style that I'm reasonably good at.

I call the new style Vega. Yes, it's very similar to Arcturus (it's actually just a modification of Arcturus) but it is a distinctly different style. Arcturus' “starburst” logo has been kept as the background image. I was going to also use it as the site's icon thereby making it into an all-out Mooquackwooftweetmeow logo, but it doesn't look very distinct at 16 pixels square. Besides, Mooquackwooftweetmeow is just a collection of stuff by me so it's OK to continue using the “GKN” emblem.