“There is Liberation Here” (the 2006-06-06 Tuesday Fetch-it)

Track eleven of Ruby Blue is a fifty-second instrumental called Prelude to Love In The Making. There is actually a full song, Love In The Making, whose lyrics appear in Ruby Blue's album insert; Prelude is simply the intro and outro of Love In The Making shoved together. Before Ruby Blue came out, all twelve songs had been released on three limited edition vinyl EPs collectively entitled Sequins; Love In The Making appears on Sequins 2.

The song itself is something of a slow-burner. Róisín's vocals provide the melody, layered over a lo-fi percussive rhythm; every so often her voice swells, accompanied by itself several times over. Like most of Ruby Blue, the verse-chorus structure is somewhat indistinct, but it is there.

Also present, to a certain degree, is Róisín's tendency to split one lyric over several vocal parts and to spread individual vocals out rather thinly (both particularly notable in Sow Into You).

The synth effects prominent throughout most of the album are conspicusouly quiet, but the song still has the same woozy, dischordant quality. Love In The Making sounds – to my ear anyway – vaguely south-Asian. I don't know if that's a sitar; I'm fairly certain there are some instruments that aren't well-tempered.

Because of this simplicity, it would be the stand-out track on the album, if only it were actually on the album. If you download one track this week, make it Love In The Making. Stay tuned.