The Register's Inability To Do Research Mocked by All Everywhere

The Register goofed; the date on their article about Mozilla disabling IDNs is a full eight days after Gerv wrote about how Mozilla's short-term solution to IDN-based trickery wouldn't be simply to disable IDNs.

Note: short-term - they were going to turn IDNs back on as soon as possible anyway. It'd be forgivable to goof like this if Gerv hadn't made his retractive post until just before the Register's article was published; or if the article had been retracted (or even amended) as soon as Mozilla's position became clear. But as of now the article is still on the Register's front page! I'm looking forward to this week's el Reg mailbag.

Also: only 65 minutes later, the Reg published an article with the correct facts. It seems the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is biting the hand of... something. So there.