A Quick Vignette, Using the Gimp

It's easy to fade out the edges of a picture using the Gimp. Here's how: (using Gimp version 2.4)

  1. Decide how broad you want the fade to be
  2. From the menu, LayerTransparencyAdd Alpha Channel; if this option is disabled (greyed out), then the current layer already has transparency enabled and you can skip this step
  3. From the menu, SelectAll, or on the keyboard, Ctrl+A
  4. SelectShrink
  5. Shrink the selection by half the breadth you chose earlier, ensuring that Shrink from image border is ticked
  6. SelectFeather
  7. Feather the selection by the full breadth you chose earlier
  8. SelectInvert or Ctrl+I
  9. EditClear or Delete

If you want to fade to a solid colour rather than transparency, skip the final step and instead use the Bucket Fill Tool with the Affected Area set to Fill whole selection.