Print Away

In a half-arsed attempt to provide some sort of styling for printed copies of Mooquackwooftweetmeow, I've tried to use Toliman when printing, even if you're viewing Arcturus.

I couldn't figure out how to make this work so, reluctantly, I've now spent the half hour necessary to add proper print styling, to both Arcturus and Toliman.

In fact, I've added an extra stylesheet, only used when printing, to do things such as appending URIs to links and removing useless sections (the recent entries list, for example). This stylesheet is called no matter what style you use, to avoid my having to repeat myself for each style.

The layout for Toliman is just left as is - it's already very plain (that's the point) and is thus already suited to printing. Arcturus is tweaked a little for printing. The content column is wider; conversely the blurb is thinner. The link boxes are forced below both the content and the blurb, so they can both be made wider, to accommodate the appended URIs.

See for yourself - print stuff out; report any deliberate mistakes to

And finally, Toliman is no longer labelled “(beta)”. Although I think I might want to tweak a bit of the spacing at some point, it's good enough. Having said that, Google News is still labelled “beta”. Crazy Americans.