Plan Change II

It seems that updates to entries are actually considerably less notable than new entries, and don't deserve the front-page prominence I thought they did.

A minute ago there was a bit on apostrophes on the front page. It's an old v3.0 weblog entry about a contrivance I had to use then. I've updated it to say I'm no longer using this contrivance (i.e. the entire entry's redundant and irrelevant) and it makes the front page.

Obviously this won't do. I've rejigged the gubbins (technical term) and now the entry that was written last (rather than updated last) makes the front page. The title remains “The Latest”; although that phrasiology was only chosen to be ambiguous about whether it was a new entry or an update, “Latest Entry” just doesn't seem to have the same mojo.

The Recent Updates list on each page is now a Recent Entries list, too. Also, something I tweaked a little earlier: if the latest entry has any Related Links, they now appear on the front page with it, instead of the Perpetual Links - they get boring after a while).

By the way, my use of the term “Recent Entries” in the blurb about the Mooquackwhatnotbot was just a cockup on my part - not a prophecy, nor a conspiracy.