The top of a reddish-brown brick building, a square wall, with no visible rooftop. A corner is just in view to the left; the left side wall extends away out of the image, and the front wall falls gradually away throughout, to the right of the image. Just right of centre, protruding above the building's front wall is a small square tower viewed diagonally, about a metre tall like a chimney without chimneypots, and with a metal slatted grate at the top of each of the 2 visible side faces. On top of the front wall in front of the tower is a metal pole extending about 2 metres, with an aerial half-way up and another at the top, both pointing right, like an “F”. A pair of wires passes through the whole image in front of the pole and tower, parallel to the top of the front wall; another parallel wire ends attached to the pole. The sky is blue with a yellowish tint.