Twelve, part 3

A photo of Hartlepool marina, another subset of the same photo as Twelve, part 1. The blue-sepia sky fills the top half of the portrait photo. At the bottom-right is part of a small single-storey building; the bottom-right corner of the photo is cropped to the building's front corner. To its left is a two-storey building mostly painted black, with a sign that says “Now Open on the first floor”, “Italian Café Bar” and “Fantastic Marina View” in red, white and green. There's a row of tall white poles that look like ships' masts alongside the black building, receding behind it into the distance. The nearest pole is connected to the black building by a trapezoid wedge of worn white rivetted metal, broader at the building, with 2 large circular holes — one of the “guillotines” from Nine. Between these buildings in the background, across the quay's water, is a low-rise apartment building.