A Party Election Broadcast by the Liberal Democrats

The Conservatives would send genuine refugees back to their country to be killed. They have no intention of forming a serious opposition to the Government - when they lose Thursday's election, Michael Howard will be sacked. Their only goal is governmental power.

The Labour Party pledged not to introduce top-up fees for university students and to legislate to prevent them. When they are returned to Government, they will implement top-up fees.

Despite this, the Conservatives believed Tony Blair when he said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and wholeheartedly backed invading Iraq before the UN weapons inspectors had finished.

Now the Labour Party justifies invading Iraq on the grounds that it removed Saddam Hussein, despite the fact that regime change is illegal under UN law; Kofi Annan has confirmed that the war was illegal.

The Labour Party doesn't want you to vote for the Liberal Democrats in case the Conservatives win. If that isn't an argument for proportional representation (which the Liberal Democrats have long advocated), I don't know what is.

Both the Labour Party and the Conservatives campaign relentlessly on the faults of the other party; I agree with all of their criticisms. Vote for the Liberal Democrats.