Now Slightly Less Cool

“From York, the greatest city in the world, it's Mooquackwooftweetmeow with Greg Nicholson!”

Mooquackwooftweetmeow now lives in my university webspace, and as I now have a computer here, access to some internetage, and a slightly-modified Mooquackwhatnotbot, I figured I'd write something here.

Since the “real” URI of everything around here would be changing anyway, I decided it would be a good time to reorganise mqwtm's URI structure, despite it being uncool to do so.

I originally used dates in the site's URIs because all the cool kids were doing it. Unfortunately those dates were really quite arbitrary, and the fact that I tend to write a lot at about midnight just exascerbated the problem. Not only could I not remember the URI of an important post I made a couple of weeks ago, I couldn't remember that of one I made yesterday (or was it the day before?)

I've also chucked the .html suffix and adopted the practice of giving every entry its own directory and calling them all index.html. This way I can just link to the directory, and any files associated with the entry are explicitly so by being within the entry's folder; before they were just associated with the day I made the entry. I did this mainly because seeing .html or .htm at the end of a URI just annoys me - I've no good reason for using them. Besides, this is technically XHTML.

I've just about managed to avoid Atom sacrilege (changing supposedly-permanent URIs) because the Atom feed only shows the last month's entries and this is the only entry in the last month. In order to diminish the uncoolness caused by the change, old versions of every page still live (for now) at the old URI at ntl (mainly because I don't have access to delete them) and at the corresponding URI here, so old PURLs will still work.

So, entries now live at<id>, where <id> is a unique id that I manually assign to every entry. For example, this entry lives at, my contact page is at and the style switcher is at Cool, huh?