Another November has come and gone without a single Mooquackwooftweetmeow entry. I don't have anything against the month, honestly. It is the month that provokes the most complaining, because the commercial Christmas run-up is in full swing by then; but then that makes reasonable spiel-fodder.

I did have an excuse this year - I was away at York with what I fondly refer to as the shitputer (or “Jonny”) - an old, slow, probably senile thing that runs Windows XP using the same technique the Egyptians used to build the pyramids. It doesn't like the Mooquackwhatnotbot. When I try to run it, it complains that it can't find a file that's clearly present; when I move that file and tell the Whatnotbot to look elsewhere for it, it complains that the file's contents are invalid and nonsensical.

Which is probably true, but Gaz (the other only-about-2½-years-old computer) never complains. And I don't want to fix the Whatnotbot for Jonny as that'll break it on Gaz. Probably. And I have University work I ought to be procrastinating over.

So, you see, I have many varied excuses for not writing during November which, multiplied together, probably comprise 90% of a valid excuse.

And I was drunk. Probably.