Dear LazyWeb, How Do I Make iTunes “Play Next In Party Shuffle” from Windows' Command Line?

Hello LazyWeb. I know I always go to Wikipedia first, and then to Google, but you're my real favourite. Really. So could you help me out please?

See, I've got this noise-making program called iTunes, and you can use it to play musics with. Now, usually, when I play a music with it, I use Party Shuffle, along with a very complex set of smart playlists that I refer to collectively as “Autopilot”.

I invented Autopilot to play me the music that I most probably want to hear, but unfortunately it's not clever enough to figure out when I have a specific hankering for, say, Memorize, or Iwe, or even Shoreline.

“Psychic” is not an available criterion in iTunes. So I add songs to the Party Shuffle “manually” every so often. And it'd be nice if I could do that by right-clicking a file and selecting a “Play Next In Party Shuffle” option. To be able to do that, I need to know what command line parameters to pass to iTunes.exe... and I was hoping, LazyWeb, that you might know something about it.

Wikipedia's far too encyclopedic to include something as grubbily practical as command line parameters, and Google could only tell me how to add songs to my library or load my iPod. I knew Google wasn't really my friend – it didn't even know that I don't have an iPod. Silly Google.

Anyway, LazyWeb, what command line parameters do I need to pass to iTunes to make it “Play Next In Party Shuffle”? Answers on a postcard to