I don't think Mooquackwooftweetmeow has ever really hit its stride. There may have been a few moments back when the Mooquackwooftweetmeow 4 weblog was new, and perhaps the odd moment of glory fairly recently; but it's never been a constant fountain of genius.

Now, I'm not saying that Mooquackwooftweetmeow will never gather momentum and flourish into the most spectacularly astounding website ever, just that it won't be doing so any time soon. Especially since Mooquackwooftweetmeow currently lives in my university webspace and I recently left university, which means there's a pretty good chance it and The Twaddle will fall off the edge of the internet at some point in the near future.

I am doing other stuff—it just all lives elsewhere on the web—so in the meantime, the front page has morphed into a summary of that stuff. The Mooquackwhatnotbot is a clunky old thing, and my connection to the university's servers is a bit dodgy at the best of times; so having The Man host my content is considerably more convenient than doing everything myself.

While Mooquackwooftweetmeow exists online, it'll always be at http://purl.org/mooquackwooftweetmeow/, and most probably at http://gkn.me.uk. (Hi, Google cache!)