“Hear Me Say Now” (the 2006-05-19 Friday Fetch-it)

On The Radio was on this week's Roundtable; I found it quite pleasant but almost entirely forgettable. Far more memorable is You Can't Hurry Love, an impeccably-constructed pop song. It's composed in a sugary-sweet poptastic style, but there's no jingly-jangly piano in the execution. The instrumentation, and particularly Victoria Bergsman's woozy, ever-so-slightly discordant vocals, seem mismatched with the song's ostensible style.

Yes, there are hand-claps (with a tambourine in the middle), but for some reason I reckon they're ironic. They do nothing to sweeten the song's delivery. Can't Hurry Love fools you into thinking it's a sugar-coated pop song, but when you pay attention to it, it actually doesn't sound sugary-sweet at any point.

Or maybe I'm reading too much into it and it is just a jaunty pop song. If you download one track this week, make it Can't Hurry Love.