About Me, Greg K Nicholson


I'm Greg K Nicholson. You can call me “Greg”.

I was born on 3 December 1985 (at about 14:50), in Darlington, County Durham, Great Britain. I lived there until 1998, and then we moved to Hartlepool, where I grew up. (A bit.)

In 2004 I went to the University of York, where I was affiliated with Derwent College. (It was actually the best college.)

I studied Physics with Astrophysics, arguably not hard enough. I came away with a BSc and an appreciation that you can't understand the world by looking at it in ever-smaller chunks. When you look at one scale, you only learn about that scale.

I stayed in York until 2011. I lived in the Fishergate area, near the River Ouse Millennium Bridge. I like York. It was always a pleasant place to be.

In 2011 I moved to Manchester in search of a job that didn't involve the financial services sector. That job ended up being quality assurance for a web design company, which I still do, though for a different company now. (People pay me to criticise websites. 18-year-old-me is astonished.)

These days you can find me at none of the usual social media sites, because they're all trying to centralise communication, and I don't think a few organisations should have that much control. Instead, I'm on Scuttlebutt (search; you'll find me). I'm also on Matrix.

You can email me at pretty-much-anything@gkn.me.uk. I usually use greg@, but any other address will work too. Email: sometimes you've got to appreciate the lowest common denominator.

There's a lot of stuff on this site from a long time ago, which I don't necessarily stand by. The datestamp is a caveat. There's also some stuff I do stand by, and this isn't labelled distinctly from the other stuff. Such is life.