A rant about foreigners

I just blundered upon Death by Caffeine thanks to it having been Slashkottked (or whatever the proper term is), but I'm left still wondering how much beverage it'll take to kill me.

There are ostensibly three hurdles in the way of finding out how much I need to drink in order to die. Firstly, I have to pick my poison; of course, this is PG Tips.

Now, the poison list includes several tea options: Tea (Brewed, Imported), Tea (Brewed, US Brands), Tea (Green), Tea (Iced) and Tea (Instant). PG Tips is certainly brewed, but it's not imported. Neither it is a US brand. If it were green I wouldn't drink it; it may get cold but not because it's been iced. And while pyramid bags may be several times quicker than flat ones, they're not instant.

Never mind - just pick any and carry on, to the second hurdle: Weight (no problem) ...in Lbs (ah). Unfortunately I'm not one of the 5% of people in the world who know their weight in Lbs.

I did manage to click the button, though. Anyway, the moral of the story is that when you assume you make an arse out of yourself. Rant over.