Answers on a Postcard

Mooquackwooftweetmeow's never had a comment form; originally, it was just a collection of a few static pages of stuff that I'd written (and now it's just a lot more static pages of stuff I've written) rather than a “proper blog”. I wrote the entire site myself; a comment database was (and still is) way beyond my ability. (I still write everything by myself, in a way, since I wrote the Mooquackwhatnotbot and it generates the entire site.)

Anyhow: point is, no comments. Here's some proof: Justin Ruckman (of Centripetal Notion fame) emailed me a little while back saying he'd've liked to comment on one of my entries, but there's no comment form. So it's definitely true. (Justin ended up offering to host Mooquackwooftweetmeow (thanks for that, by the way). More emails like this, please.)

It'd be very difficult for me to set up comments here—I doubt any hosted “solution” would actually do what I wanted it to; I'd probably end up trying to write my own system. The upshot of all this would be that I'd get to spend x hours a month deleting spam.

Tom Coates has recently written some words about comments, in which he describes how back in the day, before comments were ubiquitous (and when the internet was in black-and-white), people would write full articles or posts on their own sites in response to other posts. I like that idea (old nostalgic, I am).

So, you can email me about anything Mooquackwooftweetmeow-related: You can also microblog at me: I'm gregknicholson on Drive-by comments are welcome. If you write a longer, impeccably-thought-out chunk of prose somewhere else, you can point me towards it and I'll add a link here.