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Hi! This is Mooquackwooftweetmeow, a collection of stuff by Greg K Nicholson.


I've just uploaded a second stylesheet for Mooquackwooftweetmeow. As promised, it's a vanilla, lightly-styled, use-your-browser's-default-settings-fest.

It's not finished yet, but it's not too far from. I haven't written (by which I mean imported and modified) a style switcher yet - I probably will soon. Until then, just use your browser's built-in style switcher, which will generally only stick until you leave the page.

Ironically enough, the only mainstream graphical browser that really needs to use Toliman cos it can't handle Arcturus - IE for Windows - is one of few without a built-in style-switcher. Good, eh?

I'd appreciate any Toliman-related suggestions - for example, cases where I've inadvertently modified a default, to adverse effect. You can send them to me at

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I published this entry on 3 July 2004, late in the evening. That means this is pretty old. Beware parachronisms.

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