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TFI Firday

Tonight I began a music recommendation blog over on, cunningly entitled the Friday Fetch-it. In the process I discovered that my hands think yesterday was Firday.

I also came up with the perfect slogan for - Stay tuned. It works on multiple levels, as do all the best slogans, providing you define being tuned as the state of having tunes... which you should.

Originally, I was planning to make a weekly post to The Twaddle Forums, primarily as a way to liven the place up a bit, but then decided to turn it into a full-blown blog. I briefly considered using Blogger until I realised that's music journal is designed for exactly this.

So, every Friday evening from now on, I'll be writing stuff on my journal.

Since then, the Friday Fetch-it has moved to Blogger and Roundtable has moved to Thursdays; I still do a Roundtable round-up on my journal each week.

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