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Norwegian Beer

I once had a drink
Or should I say
It once had me

I went to the pub
Isn't it queer?
Norwegian Beer

I purchased a drink and imbibed many more for a dare
Then I looked below me and noticed there wasn't a chair

I sat on the floor
Nursing my rear
Drinking my beer

I stayed until two
Then my friends led
Me home to bed

They told me I worked in the morning and started to laugh
I told them I didn't and promptly collapsed on the path

And when I awoke
I was at home
This beer had thrown

So I fetched a mop
Isn't it queer?
Norwegian Beer

About this entry

I published this entry on 19 October 2003, late in the evening. That means this is pretty old. Beware parachronisms.

Norwegian Beer is, of course, based on the Beatles' Norwegian Wood. Just thought I should mention that.

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