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It'd be nice if more extension authors read the documentation all extension authors must read and learned about the Firefox Version Format. A lot of extension authors seem to think 1.5 > 1.45. This would be true if Firefox version numbers were decimal numbers... but they're not - they're a string of integers, each separated by .. So 1.5 is indeed one point five, but 1.45 is one point forty-five, forty-five is greater than five (no, really), so 1.45 > 1.5. Of course, 1.5 > 1.4.5...

I suppose it was smart to market Firefox 0.10 (whose release is imminent) as Firefox 1.0 Preview Release, even though some folk seem to think it's not a milestone... which it is.

Meanwhile, with crazy autohiding controls and drag-'n'-drop placement - FoxyTunes 0.61 turns out to be a highly polished extension.

Still, they should've called it Jukefox.

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