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Foundation and Whatnot

After determining that I spend a lot of time with sounds and pictures being pumped into my brain, I decided that yesterday I'd have none of it. No TV, no radio and no use of the PCing device. It actually worked quite well.

I ended up reading Isaac Asimov's Foundation; I'd read it before, but in smaller chunks, so I hadn't really followed it properly. Foundation and Empire, Second Foundation and Foundation's Edge have also been sitting on the bookshelf since 1998(!).

I read part of Foundation and Empire following on from my first attempt at Foundation, and Foundation's Edge prior to that. I had Prelude to Foundation and Foundation and Earth out of the library a while ago; I might see if they're in the 50p (to buy) bargain bin, to complete the set.

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A book? What - on paper?!

I published this entry on 18 July 2004, some time after lunch but before tea. That means this is pretty old. Beware parachronisms.

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